History of CodifyWorks

Why choose CodifyWorks?


Customers called several locations in the same dealership to get a quote for the same job, and received different estimates each time. There was no consistency between the various locations.


Veteran technicians were frequently requested because customers knew they would get the job done the quickest, resulting in a cheaper bill.


Frequent communication issues between Service and Sales departments regarding set up cost of new equipment.


Technicians spent a large amount of time on paperwork, including writing a description of the work performed.


The average time to close a combine ticket required a minimum of 1 hour and had to be closed by an advisor with several years of experience.


Customers wanted more detailed information on their invoice when receiving a bill for $15,000 for combine repairs.

In 2009, we formed a job code committee and started creating standard job codes based on the knowledge and experience of the committee members and technicians in the company.

The committee members and various technicians decided what codes were needed, how much time would be assigned to each job, and then created a custom inspection form for each piece of equipment.

We have more than 1,000 technicians that have the ability to provide feedback regarding the amount of time assigned to each job.

The team has created more than 198,000 job codes and is adding more job codes every day.