Interactive Inspection Forms

Simple and Fast Quoting.

Each form provides a labor estimate for items marked as needing repair or replacement, without having to create a work order in your business system.

Work Order Accuracy.

The job code for each repair is provided on the inspection form to eliminate any miscommunication of what task needs to be performed or added to the work order. Service Clerks can simply copy and paste the job code into the business system and create a 30 segment work order in a matter of minutes.

Professional Appearance.

The summary sheet provides a simplified copy of the inspection, identifying items that need to be repaired or replaced with an estimate for each item. This also reduces the need to print the entire inspection form, while providing the customer a complete list of repairs necessary.

Detailed History of Recommendations.

The inspection form provides a detailed list of repairs that were recommended. In the event of a costly repair that could have been prevented, the inspection form may help protect the dealership by documenting the repair was recommended, but declined by the customer.

Quick Warranty Estimates.

The inspection forms have the capability of recording repairs that will be covered under warranty and can provide a quick estimate the customer can expect to be covered under warranty.

iPad Compatible

The application is developed with the iPad in mind to provide the technician the ability to be mobile and efficient.

Photo Capabilities

While going through the checklist, simple click the Add Photo button to take a picture of the equipment area that needs repaired. This photos will be save and included on the summary page to view.

PDF Summary Page

A PDF is available to your dealership and technicians to print and share with the customer. Any photos you may have taken during the inspection will be included.

The Summary View of an Inspection Check List
The Details View of an Inspection Check List