Standardized Setup Forms

Simple and Fast.

Each form provides a labor estimate for set up and pre-delivery of new equipment, along with the cost of installation of additional items. These forms ensure the Sales Department has an accurate estimate when quoting a new piece of equipment.

Set Up Accuracy.

The job code for each item is provided on the set up form to eliminate any miscommunication of what task needs to be performed by the Service Department. Service Clerks can simply copy and paste the job code into the business system and create an accurate work order in a matter of seconds.

Detailed Request.

The set up form provides all the necessary information needed to ensure all items are completed as requested by the customer. These forms help prevent miscommunication issues between the Sales, Service and Parts Departments.

Digital Copy.

The set up forms can be completed on the computer and emailed directly to various individuals within the dealership, eliminating the need for paper copies that can be lost.

Set Up Form Examples

Set Up Form Summary View
The Summary View of a Set Up Form
Set Up Form Detail View
The Details View of a Set Up Form